INO aero 450

Deodorizer Bright Citrus by INO Solutions

Wonderful, light fragrances being used with aerosol technology. They are used to eliminate offensive odors in the air caused by smoke and cooking. Formulated to mask and remove offensive odors in the air and close quarters. Spray regularly in bathrooms, sick rooms, nursing homes, basements, and smoke-filled rooms in homes, motels, hotels, or banquet facilities. Leaves a fragrant aroma.

Atomized mist quickly travels throughout the area sprayed, releasing the fragrance to provide complete deodorization instantly.


Color:Milky white
Format(s):425 gr.


  • Bright Citrus has a pleasant, familiar orange aroma.
  • Eliminates stale tobacco odours in the air or on fabric.
  • Masks objectionable cooking odours caused by onions or garlic.
  • Completely V.O.C. compliant – Free of all chlorinated solvents.

Deodorizer Bright Citrus

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INO-aes450426 g
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