Kwik system velcro frame by Atlas Graham Furgale

Kwik System Velcro frames are built with high-grade extruded aluminum and composites for light weight but extreme durability. The thin, low profile frame fits under furniture with ease. The special connector can swivel 360 deg for use on floors, or be locked to use for wall washing. This is the perfect, ergonomic tool for professionals in health care facilities, especially as they are chemical-resistant and autoclavable for disinfection.




  • 35.5" trapezoidal frame for use with Velcro flat mops
  • High quality extruded aluminum frame swivels for ease of use; can be autoclaved to sterilize
  • End caps and connector are easily replaced
BathroomsBuildingsFood industryHospitalIndustrialSchools

Kwik system velcro frame

Compatible items:
ATL-36780 (Aluminum handle 59'') ATL-36781 (Telescopic handle 40''-67'')
Available sku(s)
ATL-214211'' (30 cm)
ATL-214318'' (46 cm)
ATL-214424'' (60 cm)
ATL-1214536'' (90 cm)
ATL-1214648'' (120 cm)
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