INO aero 300

Grill and oven cleaner by INO Solutions

This cleaner works on grease, baked-on foods and other cooking soils for daytime application or overnight cleaning. An effective product that is safe for use on porcelain, glass, ceramics, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces. This cleaning product penetrates, emulsifies and holds the soils so you can wipe the surface clean with water. The viscous gel application clings to the vertical surfaces and won’t run or drip. Excellent for cleaning grills, rotisseries, stove burners, electric fry pans and other cookware that is resistant to caustics. You can now turn that dirty job into a more pleasant task. Reduce scraping and scouring with this product.


Color:White foam becomes a viscous blue gel
Format(s):12 x 510 gr


  • Viscous blue gel clings to vertical surfaces –won’t run or drip.
  • Penetrates and emulsifies grease and bakedonfoods so you can wipe the surface clean with water. Works in minutes or overnight.
  • Cleans effectively on both warm and cold ovens. Non-flammable as per CPSC Flame Extension Test as described in 16 CFR 1500.45. Vaporize to obtain a white foam that quickly becomes a blue gel allowing for uniform application on the intended surface.
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Grill and oven cleaner

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INO-aes300511 g
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