Hand soap by INO Solutions

The INO view large capacity dispensing system is a highly attractive, trouble-free solution to modern handwashing needs. This lotion is ideal for all general purpose hand cleaning applications. Quick sudsing, clean, fresh fragrance and attractive pink colour are just some of the properties of this most economical product. Format: 4500 mL.


Format(s):2 x 4500 mL


  • Large capacity dispensing system reduces maintenance costs by extending time between refills.
  • 2L and 4.5L refills eliminate the need for bulky, expensive cabinets.
  • No messy refill, just snap entire sealed case into dispenser.
  • Sealed products are locked into durable smow-coloured PVC case.
  • Cartridges designed so that maximum amount of product is stored in the least amount of space.
  • See-through appearance offers quick identification of product level.
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