INO jet dilution system by INO Solutions

You will never have to deal with clogged metering tips with the INO jet proportioner. This problem was eliminated by switching to a system of controlling chemical dilution through a trough instead of an orifice. The trough is easily wiped clean, and there are four troughs per “metering peg” wheel for easy-to-adjust dilutions.


Usage:Easy to adjust


  • No worn out or broken fitting because the metering peg isn’t in the chemical supply line. It can be easily be removed from the venturiand wiped clean without disconnecting the chemical supply line.
  • Fittings aren’t subjected to wrenching leverage and breakage.
  • Chemically resistant materials prevent brittleness.
  • “R”gap nozzle splashing eliminated by incorporating a fine mesh to keep particles out, and adding a lip to the nozzle design to wick away water and reduce calcium deposits.
  • No clogged water inlet screens with an increased surface area from the standard 0.8”to 2”
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INO jet dilution system

Available sku(s)
INO-je1207600HF High Flow
INO-je1207601LF Low Flow
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