Kwik system extendable handle by Atlas Graham Furgale

This twist-lock extension handle with Kwik connector is designed for use with any Kwik system flat frame or the Microblade flexible dust frame.


  • Extendable aluminum handle features Kwik spring loaded connector for use with Kwik flat frames or the Microblade duster
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Extends from 39.5" to 67" with twist-lock mechanism

Kwik system extendable handle

compatible items:
ATL-2142 (Frame: 11'') ATL-2143 (Frame: 18'') ATL-2144 (Frame: 24'') ATL-12145 (Frame: 36'') ATL-12146 (Frame: 48'')
Available sku(s)
ATL-36781100 cm - 170 cm
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